I'm Sleeping Out in Houston and You Can Help!

Covenant House Sleep Out 2021

On November 18th, I’m going to spend a night sleeping on the pavement.

No supportive mattress, no warm blankets, and every chance of awful weather…sounds crazy, right?

Not nearly as crazy as this: more than 3,000 youth turn to Covenant House Texas every year to escape spending their nights without a home, without knowing where to get their next meal, without knowing during the day if they’ll be alone again that night – or worse.

So, I will be sleeping out to do something about it. I am going to spend the night on the Minute Maid Stadium parking lot in a sleeping bag, with just a cardboard box as my “mattress”. And if a front comes through and it pours rain, I am going to stay out in it since I know that is what the homeless kids will do - because they don't have a choice.

I'll be sleeping outside for just one night, so homeless kids don’t have to. The Sleep Out is a fundraiser to enable CHT to serve even more kids, freeing them from violence, abuse, drugs, and human trafficking, and providing instead food, shelter, job training, educational guidance, counseling, medical care, and faith-based services. 

With your help please click below and let’s raise $10,000 for Covenant House! The past 18 months have hit Covenant House particularly hard (fundraisers curtailed by COVID, an historic freeze, taking in 60 kids and staff from New Orleans following Hurricane Ida) and we need your support!

Thank you so very much!